DOCUMENT Brief history of Coelacanth Rescue Mission

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     And now some Coela Culture...


    (Courtesy Rik Nulens)


    (Courtesy Joe Sills)


    Where's Colie Contest$$


    The most musical Coelacanth (audio file)

     Ballad of the Coelacanth, by "The Kingsman"

    IMAGE The Most Beautful Robotic Coelacanth
    IMAGE "Nemo" Robotic Educational Coelacanth
    IMAGE Divers Attempt to Revive a Dying Coelacanth
    IMAGE Famous Hollywood Character Inspired by Coelacanth
    IMAGE The Most Ridiculous Coelacanth: "Tablocanth"
    IMAGE The Weirdest Coelacanth of All: Japanese "Mancanth"
    IMAGE The Bloomingest Coelacanth: "Flowercanth"
    IMAGE  The Rudest Coelacanth: "Trafficanth"
    IMAGE The Most Hazardous to Your Health Coelacanth: "Cancercanth"
    IMAGE The Most Drinkable Coelacanth: "Beercanth"
    IMAGE The Most Talkative Coelacanth: "Phonecanth"
    IMAGE Most Domestic Coelacanth! The CoelaHouse
    IMAGE Most Musical Coelacanth
    IMAGE Cyber Coelacanth!
    IMAGE Coelahoax?
    IMAGE Interactive Talking Coelacanth: "YadaCanth"
    IMAGE The Deadest Coelacanth: "CoelaMorgue"
    IMAGE The most animated coelacanth: "DisneyCanth"
    IMAGE The Pokemon coelacanth: "Relicanth"
    IMAGE The most spendable coelacanth: "CoinCanth"
    IMAGE Under my skin: "Coelatattoo"
    IMAGE Most turned on Coelacanth: "Psychedelicanth"
    IMAGE The most opened coelacanth: "Capcanth"
    IMAGE  "CoelaClock"-the timeliest Coelacanth.
    IMAGE "Coelagirl" - the Mermaid Coelacanth.
    IMAGE "Totally Tanked"- the Brussels Coelacanth


    "Windowcanth"- coelacanth with a lot of glass !


    The Cuddliest Coelacanth -" Pandacanth"


    The Underground Coelacanth-"Subwaycanth"

    IMAGE "Nintendocanth" - the catchiest coelacanth.
    IMAGE "Nintendocanth animation file"- live action version of the above image. Living Fossil gets caught!! With sound.(Courtesy: Yami Poli)
    The only two wheeled coelacanth: "Coelacycle"


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