Pyle/Whitton: Coelacanths in Sodwana


       How does a creature exist for millions of years seemingly unchanged and unoticed until now? In these pages you will find the secret, the marvel...and, of course, the curse.

     This is the astounding coelacanth ("see-la-kanth"), the fusion of life and time, that following a supposed extinction of 65 million years, head-lined into human consciousness with its discovery alive in 1938. Nicknamed "Old Four Legs" and the "Living Fossil," Latimeria chalumnae- the Coelacanth- quickly became the continuing obsessive focus of journalists, crypto biologists, scientists, eccentric explorers, aquariums, divers, film makers and billionaires.

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     The world's most complete coelacanth bibliography links off the bottom of the Biology and Behavior page.

The One Minute Coelacanth

(A Quick Overview)

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