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      Special items never offered before, based on photographic skills I developed over the many coelacanth expeditions. Profits from the sale of these prints will be used to help fund this site and the Coelacanth Center in Itsoundzou, Comoros, where coelacanths live in the sea below the cliffs.
   (I'm figuring out a way to get some help to them, which is more difficult nowadays)

Individual  8" by 11" prints done on museum quality archival paper. All signed images taken by Jerry Hamlin in New Guinea and the Solomon Islands during the search for coelacanths in the Western Pacific. They are derived from my ethnographic exhibit at The Museum of Asia and the Pacific in Warsaw, Poland, but include additional subjects.

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                              Baining Fire Dancers, New  Britain,  Papua New Guinea


                        Asmat Polers, Sungai Brazza, Asmat Region, Indonesian Papua

                                            Image A, Top  Image B, Bottom


                Asaro Valley Mudmen, Goroka, Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea

                                                 Image A, Top  Image B, Bottom



                      Huli wig grower, Tari, Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea




                      Huli Wigman, Tari, Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea



                      Huli Wig Woman, Tari, Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea







        Abelam Warrior with Karahut mouth ornament, Sepik Province, PNG.

                                    Image A, Top   Image B, Bottom




                                Wamena Mummy, Balium Valley, Indonesian Papua




                                                         Solomon Island Boy




                                Asmat Trophy Skulls, Agats, Indonesian Papua         









        Comorian Coelacanth coin.- approx 1.25" diameter. This coin made from a light metal alloy has a coelacanth on one side. While the coins are of a small denomination, they are hard to come by! Lucky Coelacanth coin: $10.00 (includes postage) while they last.

$10.00 in the continental U.S.
$15.00 outside. (Prices Include S&H)

Domestic (U.S.):





Pewter Finish

     The keychain, a truly unique coelacanth ornament. Comes in Pewter only now. Brass no longer available. Measures approx. 2 inches long. Makes an exotic Coelacanth souvenir and keepsake...


Coelacanth Key Chain:

$12.00 in the continental U.S.
$18.00 outside. (Prices Include S&H)

Domestic (U.S.):



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