Divers from Island Ventures under the direction of Guy and Caroline Fotherby attempt to resuscitate a large coelacanth caught by a local Comorian fisherman in March, 1995. They are pulling it to cause water (and oxygen) to pass over the gills. Despite their efforts, the fish died. All diver interventions have failed to date. Coelacanths have a delicate metabolism. Pulled to the surface by hook and line, they are exhausted, oxygen depleted, have built up muscle toxins, are overheated in the warmer water, and in a state of slow asphyxiation. The Coelacanth Rescue Mission believes that rapid deep release offers some possibility of recovery. (This excellent specimen was preserved, and later prepared for display by Robin Stobbs. It can be viewed, in partial cut-away, at the CNDRS museum in Moroni, where it was moved thanks to funding from this website.)



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