Newborn coelacanth "pup" with egg yolk sack still attached.

(Courtesy AMNH)



DOCUMENT Main Facts: Classification, Size, Feeding, Color, Lifespan, Reproduction, and General Description and Significance. (Article)
DOCUMENT A Current Coelacanth Family Tree Diagram
DOCUMENT Coelacanth Circus Tricks (Article)
DOCUMENT Where And How Many?: The Population / Location, Location, Location! Debate (Article)

Map With Locations of confirmed Coelacanth Discoveries.(does not show more recent sightings just to the east at Biak, Indonesian Papua)


Dance of the Fins (GIF animation of fin movements)

DOCUMENT Gondwana Animation. Did the breakup of mega-continent Gondwana influence the present location of coelacanths? This interactive animation gives clues. (courtesy: Marine Geosolutions -opens as an .exe) Use the application buttons to control movement. Very cool!)
IMAGE 250 Million Year Old Madagascan Coelacanth Fossil (Picture)
IMAGE Coelacanth Anatomy Diagram & Quiz
IMAGE Coelacanth Dissection with Labels
IMAGE Coelacanth Scale (Picture)
IMAGE Giant Female Coelacanth caught off Mozambique in 1991 (Picture)

One of twenty-six fetal pups from the giant female ( Picture)


Coelacanth Mouth- Not a pretty sight!( Picture)

IMAGE Map of the sea currents of the Western Indian Ocean
IMAGE Lazarus Taxa : The Coelacanth and Creation Science (Brief Article)
DOCUMENT A Listing of Recent books, Scientific Articles, and fully updated Coelacanth Bibliography

Mature Coelacanth seen from beneath. Note pectoral, pelvic, and anal fins.

(Courtesy AMNH)

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