Newborn coelacanth "pup" with egg yolk sack still attached.

(Courtesy AMNH)



DOCUMENT Main Facts: Classification, Size, Feeding, Color, Lifespan, Reproduction, and General Description and Significance. (Article)
DOCUMENT A Current Coelacanth Family Tree Diagram
DOCUMENT Coelacanth Circus Tricks (Article)
DOCUMENT Where And How Many?: The Population / Location, Location, Location! Debate (Article)

Map With Locations of confirmed Coelacanth Discoveries.


Dance of the Fins (animation of fin movements)

DOCUMENT Gondwana Animation. Did the breakup of mega-continent Gondwana influence the present location of coelacanths? This interactive animation gives clues. (courtesy: Marine Geosolutions) (Caution: 7.26 MB file. Download only with fast connection! Use the application buttons to control movement. Very cool!)
IMAGE 250 Million Year Old Madagascan Coelacanth Fossil (Picture)
IMAGE Coelacanth Anatomy Diagram & Quiz
IMAGE Coelacanth Dissection with Labels
IMAGE Coelacanth Scale (Picture)
IMAGE Giant Female Coelacanth caught off Mozambique in 1991 (Picture)

One of twenty-six fetal pups from the giant female ( Picture)


Coelacanth Mouth- Not a pretty sight!( Picture)

IMAGE Map of the sea currents of the Western Indian Ocean
IMAGE Lazarus Taxa : The Coelacanth and Creation Science (Brief Article)
DOCUMENT A Listing of Recent books, Scientific Articles, and fully updated Coelacanth Bibliography

Mature Coelacanth seen from beneath. Note pectoral, pelvic, and anal fins.

(Courtesy AMNH)

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