Link to clips from National Geographic footage of coelacanths off of South Africa.  Click Here. (A faux documentary pretending to discover coelacanths in an area where they have been repeatedly observed and studied over the previous 16 years! The program ripped off the name "Dinofish" from this site!)

     Hans Fricke's breathtaking film clip of two coelacanths on a submarine canyon ledge off the Comoros, at the ARKive website of wildlife species, and Hans Fricke's film clip of the famous "coelacanth headstand." Opens in new window. Use back arrow to return to Click Here. Some researchers believe the headstand was induced by the submersible's magnetic field.

     Intriguing video on the preparation of coelacanths from the American Museum of Natural History. Click Here. Also connects to website with basic info.

  One of the first video glimpses of a Coelacanth on a South African submarine ledge. (Courtesy: Robin Stobbs and co-discover of the South African coelacanths: Pieter Venter) Click Here.

     A commotion surrounds the catching of a coelacanth in Indonesia. Such scenes surrounded the catching of coelacanths in the Comoros for several decades. Click Here. (You Tube)

A new animated video on the history of the coelacanth plays from the New York Times website: Click Here


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