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 Pictures searching for Coelacanths

Asmat canoers  

For more see #jeromefhamlin on Instagram: 100 plus posts with descriptions. (Exotic images from the journeys, not pictures of coelacanths)

Wild Millennium Gallery Endangered wildlife beyond the coelacanth. Jerome Hamlin's exotic creature photos from around the planet. Viewing the gallery is free. Click play for slideshow. (Opens in a new window)

JerrysTravels- youtube channel of dinofish.com's founder, Jerome Hamlin: On the side videoclips in search of coelacanths, WWII relicts, short films, and other curiosities.

Visit the web site of the Comoro Islands, "original" home of the Coelacanth!
A review of coelacanth commemorative stamps is presented online.
Arkive.org. A web site archiving the world's wildlife!
Stuart Gold's wonderful coelacanth sculptures!
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