400 MYA


The first Coelacanths!

Coelacanth fossil records go back
almost half a billion years!


1938: Long thought extinct, a coelacanth, trawled off South Africa, is identified as a living relic from before the age of dinosaurs.


1953: JLB Smith locates the Comoro islands as the "home"
of the Coelacanths.


1987: First submarine observation of living coelacanths takes place in the Comoros.


1990-2020: New coelacanth species discovered in Indonesia. Coelacanths found off South Africa, Madagascar, Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania.


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   Coelacanth Express Created by Erik Pedersen and Jerome Hamlin

Billions of Years......... Billions of Years........ Billions of Years...... Millions of Years...... Millions of Years...... Millions of Years..... Thousands of Years..... Hundreds of Years....... Tens of Years......
The Beginning...


In another dimension a singularity forms, the seed of a new Universe...

13.7 Billion Years Ago

A burst of energy converting to matter, expanding outward, ever outward- the Big Bang. Space and time fill the extra dimensional void.

For Several Billions of Years

Galaxies evolve, moving outward from the Big Bang.

Between 4 and 5 Billion Years Ago

Our solar system forms around our own star- the sun- in the Milky Way Galaxy.

About 4 Billion Years Ago

The Earth has formed, has a primitive atmosphere, land, and lots of water!


4 Billion to 2 Billion Years

The Precambrian
Life begins on Earth, probably in water, starting with amino acids, then on to proteins. Beginning more than 3.1 billion years ago blue-green algae evolves and thrives. For about two billion years the only living things were various forms of bacteria and blue-green algae (a form of bacteria called cyanobacteria).

1 1/4 Billion Years Ago

Our Earth's oxygen atmosphere was developed by plant photosynthesis as the first cells with a nucleus appear.

About 800 Million Years Ago

Multicellular life and favorable conditions create an explosion of underwater life on Earth. Bacteria, blue-green algae, fungi, worms and other invertebrates are the predominant life forms.


570 Million Years Ago

The first creatures with back bones, the Vertebrates, appear. Fish develop jaws and have heavy, bony armor for protection from the other ocean dwelling predators.

350 Million Years ago

The first amphibians crawled ashore, evolving from coelacanth-like fish. Seed ferns and scaled trees grew on land out of marshy swamps. Winged insects buzz overhead, descended from their own aquatic ancestors.

325 Million Years Ago

The Age of Reptiles begins when a few amphibians evolve "watertight" skin and can live and lay eggs away from water.

Over 100 Million Years Ago

Dinosaurs, a family of reptiles, ruled the world. Dinosaurs swam in the seas, thundered across the land and flying reptiles soared through the skies. Primitive, shrew-like mammals appeared in their midsts.

65 Million Years Ago

As dinosaurs become extinct (except for birds!), mammals flourish in a variety of forms, sizes and environments- including the early primate precursors of humankind.

30,000- 4,000 Years Ago

Emerging from a few million years of early Hominid bands, the Age of Man begins. Eventually wood, bone, and stone tools are complimented by iron, and the domestication of plants leads to the rise of civilization along the great rivers.

300 - 900 C.E.

Human understanding of astronomy, mathematics, architecture and the arts reaches ever increasing heights.

1900-1950 Twentieth Century C.E..

The great Wars, WWI, and WWII, drive technology forward and drench the human experience in blood and idealism.

1969 Twentieth Century C.E.

Our mastery of technology helps land a man on the moon. Computers and other technological breakthroughs affect every aspect of human existence.

Twenty First Century C.E.

2000 and Beyond...

A new polarity grips humanity and distracts the world from a creative destiny.


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